Videos of Rothbury, past and present

Rothbury Hills
Robert Storer

02-Jan-2016 03'48" slides

Alexander Armstrong sings his own words to the beautiful tune of Rothbury Hills.

Carry On Up The Valley

21-Jul-2014 19'09" slides

A short stroll up the valley with some older photos for comparison

Coquetdale Memories

18-Jul-2014 45'12" slides

Photos donated from the Turnbull Collection collection

The Original Heritage Trail

13-Jul-2014 33'53" slides

A short stroll around Rothbury, Northumberland that may be of interest to the casual visitor and those who live there.

The Valley Remembers

26-Jun-2014 14'23" slides

Commemorating centenary of World War I

Old Rothbury Town
Duncan Appleby

27-Jan-2013 03'53" slides

A song about Rothbury, Northumberland, with pictures of old Rothbury Town.

Rothbury Railway

15-Jan-2013 03'41" slides

A journey from Brinkburn to Rothbury by rail

Lee's Garage

14-Jan-2013 01'40" slides

Rothbury Racecourse

14-Jan-2013 02'52" slides

Rothbury Bridge

13-Jan-2013 01'35" slides

Thrum Mill

07-Jan-2013 02'30" slides

Thrum Mill, and Walby Hill to Burn Foot

Music Festival 2003
Ken Stafford

16-Dec-2012 17'01" film

United in Northumberland
Ron Graigen

28-Aug-2012 03'56" film

A journey on a Leyland Tiger TS8 bus from Alnwick to Morpeth via Rothbury.

Flower Festival 2012

14-Jun-2012 08'41" slides

Bygone Rothbury
Clive Kristen

12-Jan-2012 02'20" slides

Rothbury Carnival 1978
Upper Coquetdale Film Group

08-Feb-2011 05'01" film

An extract from the Upper Coquetdale Film Group's film of the last Rothbury Carnival in 1978.

A Walk in the Woods
Clive Kristen

08-Jan-2010 01'21" slides

A man and a Spaniel take a walk in the Rothbury woods on the coldest day of the year


There are a number of videos online featuring Rothbury and/or the Coquet Valley. They vary from simple slideshows with music, to silent films with incidental music.

All are on YouTube - just click on the pictures to view.