Parking in Rothbury

Rothbury is a remote town in a sparsely populated part of Northumberland, providing shops and other services for an area of several hundred square miles.

Although there are bus services available, they're limited, and many locals have no choice but to drive to Rothbury. The result is that the town's on-street parking can get very full at times with locals visiting the shops, the doctor and other services.

Longer-term parking is provided in two free car parks, each well-placed for access to the town and walks. To reduce parking congestion, please use these car parks whenever possible, especially if your stay is more than an hour or two.

Note that street parking will be restricted during special events, like the Street Fair (end of May) and the Music Festival (July).

Cowhaugh Car Park

Also known to locals as the "Haugh Car Park", this is on the south side of the river and has about 80 parking spaces. Access to the heart of the town centre is a short walk over the footbridge and past the cottages. However, bear in mind that with prolonged heavy rain the river may run high and this car park could possibly flood.

Beggars Rigg Car Park

To the west of the town, this is a smaller car park that is next to a small picnic area. It is also next to the footpath that runs alongside the river, and is a ½ mile walk to the town centre.