Facts About Red Squirrels

  • The UK has approximately 120,000 red squirrels, the majority found in Scotland.
  • There are approximately 2.5 million greys!
  • Northumberland has one of the largest concentrations of reds in England.
  • Most of these are found in Kielder Forest
  • Coquetdale is also a good place for sightings.

Feeding Facts

  • Red squirrels can survive entirely on food found in conifer forests.
  • As well as pine cones, reds eat beech mast, acorns and hazelnuts.
  • They do not hibernate, and forage for nut caches even in snow.
  • They also eat buds, shoots, pollen, fruits and fungi when available.
  • We can supplement their diet by filling garden squirrel feeders.
  • Winter through to early summer is important for supplementary feeding as this is when breeding and the raising of young takes place.

Breeding Facts

  • Mating can begin in December.
  • In a good year, when food is plentiful, 2 litters can be raised.
  • The female provides all the 'child-care'!
  • An over-wintering drey (nest) is well insulated with fur and moss.
  • Temperatures outside and inside the drey can vary by 30 degrees.
  • Young, born blind and helpless, suckle for 8 weeks.
  • Once weaned they start to explore and forage
  • Litters born early in the year find their own territories by winter.
  • Second litters may stay closer to home until spring.
Where to meet us in 2016

We will be at various local shows this year. Do come and talk to us if there is anything more you would like to know, or if you feel you can help us:

14th August

Simonside Fair

27th August

Bellingham Show

29th August

Elsdon Show

3rd September

Harbottle Show

10th September

Ingram Show

8th October

Alwinton Show


Jeanne Casken


Heather Lister

Red Reward

In 2012, Jeanne Casken, the Group's founder and tireless worker for its cause, was presented with the Northumberland National Park's "Distinctive Place" Award

The award recognised her dedication and energy in encouraging conservation of the red squirrel, and her ability to inspire others.